Established in 2017 we are a dance school based at King Estate Residents Association, Milfield Avenue, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear.

We offer classes in Street dance, Freestyle, Dance Exercise, Lyrical Dance and we also have a Stage School covering singing dancing and drama.

We are a member of The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and the UDO Academy. This allows children to currently be entered for dance exams in Street, Freestyle and Musical Theatre.

All classes are give performance and audition opportunities.

Our mission at Fusion Dance Company is to help students discover freedom of expression through all dance forms we teach, in a safe, creative and fun atmosphere.  We are aware that each student is a unique individual with personal goals, and take pride in supporting each of our students in reaching their full potential. We believe our classes should be a positive experience for both adults and children, instilling an appreciation for rhythm and movement. The dance classes for children help to develop attributes needed in life, such as, social skills, discipline, commitment, confidence, self respect and achievement. For adults, our classes will build postural awareness, reduce stress, and improve health, fitness and well-being.

We believe it is important to provide a professional service, and create a welcoming family atmosphere to all involved in the Fusion Dance Company community.